Brittani Taylor is a visual artist, creative director, and photographer who exhibits a true love for art and the creative process. Brittani aims to inspire others with creative insight and enthusiasm for art that inspires community. Brittani holds a bachelor’s degree in studio arts and photography from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. 

Brittani gains inspiration from her environment and upbringing as a Black woman, which shapes her artistic eye to make what seem ordinary have a deeper meaning. Brittani’s most recent body of work, Black Wonder, explores the representation of Black women in art and art history.  It is a body of work that intends to show the beauty and remarkable qualities of Black women through the arts.

Brittani’s main focus is creative concepts and artistic portraits. Brittani is a freelance photographer and product photographer at The Whitaker Grp, where she assists with photo shoots and edits photographs for their websites.

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